Accentuate with Accessories

Accentuate with Accessories
Feb 06 2019

Accentuate with Accessories

by Lucinda Jenkins

Accentuate with Accessories

We know it’s all about the gown but let’s not forget the jewels and gems that can make or break your look. Fear no more…we’ve brought you the top tips to help you best accessorize your dress.

Stick to your Style

The first rule of thumb is the easiest but the one we always forget. This is your perfect day so stick to your own personal style. We can guarantee there will be nothing that beats it!

Make the Metals Match

It’s important that whatever color you’ve chosen to wear on your big day…your metals match and don’t clash!

Wonderfully White: Silver and platinum will accentuate the crisp color of white. Add pearl accents to allow for a more traditional look.

Idealized Ivory: We recommend going for gold pieces with this color which will best emphasize the creamy tint of your gown.

Celebrated Champagne: This color should be complimented with gorgeous gold jewellery. If you are opting for an antique-inspired look, brushed silver with rhinestones will look amazing.

Beautiful Blush: Rose gold-based jewellery will match your blush gown and highlight that soft pink hue…romantic AND glamorous!

Embellished with beadwork: If your gown is already adorned with beadwork, lead with the chosen color of beads. For example, if your dress has silvers and pearls…compliment your dress with classic pearls or jewellery with a silver base.

The Perfect Neckline

When selecting your jewellery, the neckline of your dress is one of the most important things to consider. It highlights your most fabulous features!

A sweetheart neckline is very special. Add a bit character to your gown with a choker or shorter necklace. An over-the-top necklace can be well, over-the-top, as the neckline is already the focal point. Chandelier earrings will give you an elegant finish whilst enhancing that stunning neckline.

A strapless dress, much like a sweetheart should have a simpler necklace, if one at all! Dangling earrings will create a sleek, elegant look-particularly if you’ve swept your hair up off your shoulders-these paired together gives an uber-feminine feel.

V-neckline’s almost scream out to be adorned with a magnificent necklace. Any style from a choker to a detailed chain, a simple pendant or a low drop necklace will look fabulous with this subtly sexy dress.

With a halter-neckline we strongly suggest avoiding a necklace at all costs! Think of something that highlights a shoulder-baring dress. A classic or modern up-do with a delicate detail in your hair combined with very simple dangling earrings and you’ll be a show stopper.

Sleeves to Sleeveless

Very often we forget that a great bracelet can complete a look. Any gown that shows bare arms even bare forearms can be wrist wrapped and ready to go with a sophisticated bracelet choice. With sleeve-less dresses you can go a bit wilder with a chunkier bracelet or a selection of bangles. Dresses that have 3/4 length sleeves, your bracelet choice should be carefully thought out so as not to overwhelm. A very simple yet dainty bracelet will be perfect and if your dress has a full sleeve, focus on the earrings and necklace and let the sleeves sit on their own.

We hope you’ve found this helpful! Do take a moment to see what else we’ve are talking about this month on our blog.

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