Emma & Ryan: Real Bride Story

Jul 18 2019

Emma & Ryan: Real Bride Story

Where was the wedding?

Dubrovnik, Croatia. The ceremony was in Sponza Palace and the reception on The Palm Terrace Hotel Excelsior.

How did you meet? 

Ryan and I were childhood friends. We were the best of friends and would offer each other relationship advice. We would deny being attracted to each other until one day, after a few to many drinks, Ryan declared his feelings for me and from that day on we were an item.

How long were we together  before trying the knot?

We were together for 5 and a half years.

How did he propose?

It was the weekend we celebrated my birthday. Ryan was away on my actual birthday so had asked if we could celebrate it two days before. On the morning, I woke up excited ready to open my presents and we got ready to get up. Ryan went downstairs first and when I walked into our living room, the coffee table was filled with every picture we have ever had taken, champagne with two glasses and next to the coffee table, Ryan was down on one knee with a ring box in his hand. I screamed and he said ‘so… shall we get married?’.

How did you know you had found the perfect Morilee dress? 

I tried on 15 dresses at three different shops and did not get the ‘this is my dress moment’. I had a picture of a dress on my phone which I had seen online and I could not find anything that was as nice as this dress. I managed to find out that the dress was by Morilee and began calling around stores to try and find it. I managed to track down the dress at a store in Liverpool, over 200 miles away from where I live. As quickly as I could, I booked an appointment at the store and two weeks later, I went to the shop with my bridesmaids and mum. I didn’t spend a second looking at the other dresses in store and instead headed straight to the changing rooms. I put the dress on, walked out from behind the curtain and burst into tears. I knew instantly that the dress that I had on my phone for over two years was ‘the dress’. Everyone, including the shop assistant was in tears and I bought it immediately. I never had a day where I questioned that it could have been the wrong dress. I knew it was perfect for me.

Our big day:

We decided that we would get married abroad and after over two years of planning, our big day finally arrived. We were over the moon that all 68 of our guests booked to come to the wedding. The colour theme of the wedding was classic white/ivory flowers with silver and grey decor. The bridesmaids wore lilac/grey and groomsmen wore silvery grey suits with ivory ties.

The wedding was a 5-day party. On the first day, we spent the night at a cocktail bar with our guests and night before the wedding we had a beautiful pre-wedding meal in the Dubrovnik Harbour.

The wedding started at 2pm with a ceremony at the Sponza Palace. I wrote the ceremony myself and we had personalised vows. From the ceremony, we moved to the hotel where we had drinks on a terrace in the sun while listening to a saxophone player. It was magical. Following this, we moved down to The Palm Terrace which is attached to the hotel. With breath-taking views of the oceans and Dubrovnik Old Town, we sat down for a three course meal. The venue was beautiful with gorgeous ivory flowers, tree lights and lanterns. Once the dinner was finished, we moved down to have some pictures while the sun set and then the party started.

It was the most picturesque day. The venue was beautiful, and everyone was in good spirits.

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