Honeymoon Packing Tips

Dec 29 2019

Honeymoon Packing Tips

Your honeymoon is final here, but before you jet off for your once-in-lifetime getaway with your new spouse, there are a few important matters to tend to.

When left to the last minute, packing for your honeymoon can be a real nightmare. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time and create a honeymoon packing list. It will not only be a breeze, it’ll add to the pre-holiday excitement. Here are a few honeymoon packing hacks to help…

The clothes you bring on honeymoon will of course vary wildly depending on your destination, length of your stay, and any activities you will be doing. So, be sure to tweak this list to what works for you. We recommend planning your outfits in advance – a hack for any travel you do to be honest, and you’ll most likely bring fewer items with you, and you’ll spend less time on your honeymoon faffing about in front of the mirror and stressing about what to wear. Whether you are heading off for a relaxing poolside break or a thrill-seeking adventure, here are some tips to consider:

  • Pack in advance if you can before the wedding so everything is ready to go, ensure there is a dedicated person looking after and transporting your luggage.
  • To stop your toiletries from leaking and spilling inside your luggage, pop them in a ziplock bag or alternatively, wrap the lids in cling film or sellotape.
  • Thread the chains of your necklaces through drinking straws to stop them from getting tangled up in your travels.
  • Wrap your shoes in reusable plastic bags or shoe bags to stop them transferring dirt onto your clothes.
  • Pack smaller garments like socks and underwear inside hats to save space and to pad out sun hats to save them from getting squashed. Having an underwear/tights bag is a huge help as it keeps your delicates separate from other clothes and will help them to stop catching and snagging.
  • Place heavier items like your shoes towards the bottom of your case where the wheels are. That way, thanks to gravity, you won’t risk your shoes slipping down and wrinkling your clothes during your travels. An even better solution would be to put your shoes in a separate compartment of the suitcase if possible.
  • Instead of folding your clothes when packing, just fold them in half once and then roll them. This will save space and reduce creasing and will allow you to squeeze in that extra outfit and see everything at a glance – thanks Marie Kondo!
  • If you don’t have a travel jewellery case, use an empty pill box as a way to keep earrings and delicate bits safe – personally I use my glasses case for this!
  • To keep the contents of your suitcase fresh and avoid smelling damp, line your suitcase with tumble dryer sheets.
  • Remember to take a reusable water bottle in your hand luggage. You are allowed to take an empty water bottle through airport security, then once you are through you can refill your bottle and stay hydrated on your travels.
  • Use hair ties or elastic bands to keep charging cords for your electronic devices together so they don’t get tangled up.
  • Protect breakable items, like glass perfume bottles, by placing them inside shoes and socks.

And a few bonus tips not about packing…

  • Print out all your tickets and double check them, keep them handy in your hand luggage with your passport and money.
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers such as your airline, embassy, hotels etc.
  • Take an extra phone charger!
  • Fill in the tags on your luggage – they really can help to locate lost things much faster.
  • Take a photo of your passport and email it to yourself, this can be a godsend if you loose it.
  • Organise currency in advance to ensure you don’t pay extortionate exchange rates at the airport, or better still use a debit or credit card that doesn’t charge for using abroad.
  • Get everyone to send wedding photos to a WhatsApp group and don’t open it until you’re at the airport or on the plane… a great way to pass the time whilst waiting for your flight!

We hope these tips come in handy to make for a stress-free honeymoon packing experience. Keep an eye on our blog for more stories and tips, and don’t forget to send us your wedding photos when you return for our Instagram page!

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