How to Find your Perfect Photographer

Apr 11 2019

How to Find your Perfect Photographer

How to Find your Perfect Photographer

Finding your perfect wedding photographer is almost as important as selecting your perfect dress! It can be a tricky business finding a photographer who is able to encapsulate the aesthetic you’re going for, not to mention someone you trust to capture some of the best moments of your life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, have no fear…here are some top tips we have curated to help you find your dream team.

Word of Mouth

By far this is absolutely one of best ways to receiving great recommendations of photographers. Asking friends and family members which photographers they used or tried out will give you a wonderful place to start. This will help you narrow down options as you are seeking advice from people you trust and who know your style/

Social Media

This may be the one occasion where an intense social media stalk is 100% allowed! Things like Instagram and Pinterest will be your best friend. Ease yourself into it. You may find your perfect match instantly, or it may take some time. So be open to both scenarios and really think of how you want your pictures to look. Branch out and explore different hashtags like #weddingphotographers, #weddingday #bride or #weddingpics.


While it can be so tempting to see two or three images from a photographer and instantly fall in love…INVESTIGATE! Be your own detective. Ask yourself do the pictures they take match what I want? Are they mainly taking photos of weddings that are outdoors such as garden or beach weddings and yours will be primarily inside? Giving yourself a detailed list of questions to pose when you find a photographer you love will be paramount in deciding whether they are the right fit for you and whether they can match the vision you have for your wedding photographs. Get in touch and ask to see their portfolio and entire catalogues of a wedding to check they aren’t just showing you their best shots. Ask if you can contact any of their clients for a testimony.

The Blend

Do you like them? Can you work with them? It may seem a silly point but if your personalities don’t bond…you just won’t be happy. Are you happy for them to take charge as the expert or do you have ideas for direct which you want to discuss before the big day? When you are in the process of vetting your photographers, we suggest getting straight to the point. Share with them all the details of the wedding but most importantly what your vision is for your day. You will be spending most of the magical moments with this person who is there to capture it all…so why not get to know them and have them get to know you. Once trust is established and maybe even a few jokes shared you are sure to feel much more comfortable on your actual day.

Pre-wedding Shoots

We’ve all seen cheesy engagement shoots popping up on social media… but they really aren’t a bad idea! If you or your partner aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, or you want an idea of the look your photographer can capture, then experiment in front of the camera before your big day. It could save you lots of time on your wedding day and you will have an idea of what to expect.

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By Lucinda Jenkins

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