How You Can Customise Your Morilee Gown

How You Can Customise Your Morilee Gown
Feb 26 2019

How You Can Customise Your Morilee Gown

How You Can Customise Your Morilee Gown

Every detail of your wedding takes planning and precision. You will personalise every aspect to exactly how you and your partner have envisioned it, but what about personalising your wedding dress? You may have already considered a veil, shoes, jewellery and make-up, but did you know that many of our latest collection’s wedding gowns come with customisable elements to make your dress uniquely yours?

Reversible Bodices

Lace dresses are classic and always look stunning. Many of ours come with reversible linings that can be used underneath the lace to dramatically alter the look of your dress. One side of the lining is ivory and the other side nude, just pick the one which suits your skin tone and chosen look the best. Dresses such as our gorgeous Petrova gown (style 5716) have this bodice lining. For a more daring look, or perhaps for destination weddings in warmer climates you can wear it without the lining.

We know that many brides like to change their looks from day to night, so rather than investing in another gown, just change your lining for different look.


Bust Cups

Our latest collection of gowns come with different colour bust cups. Who knew these could make such a difference? Through our sheer bodices such as Pierette (style 2044) where the bust cups can be seen we will provide both the matching colour (ivory or white) as well nude bust cups to help you tailor your dress to your own unique look.



The look of your strapless dress can be altered, just with the addition or removal of the straps.

Dresses such as Paloma (style 5701) and Palmira (style 5710) come with detachable straps which gives you the option of straps during your ceremony and strapless for your reception, or vice versa.

Off the shoulder sleeves such as those on Laurielle (style 8270) and Priyanka (style 2026) can add a dramatic flair to an otherwise strapless gown.

All of our Morilee strapless gowns come with beaded straps which can be added to the dress to customise your look, so you don’t have to decide on the day of purchase! Try each look and see how you feel.



Extra lace

For the ultimate customisation a number of our dresses such Parker (style 2028) come with additional lace appliques which your seamstress can add to your dress, or even to your veil and accessories. You could even save these appliques to use on a future Christening gown or how about you give them to your cake baker to see if they can use the pattern in your wedding cake icing?


Some little thing is missing. It’s almost perfect. It’s so close. When you’re 99% sure you’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams, Morilee by Madeline Gardner has the wedding accessories that can get you the last 1% there!

Take a look at our accessories page or ask the experts in our authorised stockists, to find your local stockist use our handy locator.


By Laura Nightingale and Chrissy Dodman




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