What to expect when shopping for your wedding dress

Oct 08 2019

What to expect when shopping for your wedding dress

If you’ve never stepped foot in a bridal boutique it can be quite daunting and nerve-wracking. To help put you at easy we caught up with our fabulous Morilee retailer Laura at Bijoux Bridal in Hamilton Lanarkshire to hear all about what happens when brides-to-be visit her store to find their dream dress…


How do we find you?

When searching for the perfect place to go bridal shopping we know that it involves a lot of research. The great thing is that these days all that information is available at our fingertips online so we’ve made it super easy for brides-to-be to find us. Our website can be found online via Google, we have very active Facebook and Instagram pages and a Pinterest board.

Physically we are based a 15-minute drive from Glasgow city centre in the large town of Hamilton. We are just off the motorway so easy to find, especially for brides that travel to us from outside the area.

We have a lot of brides that will pop in to browse our gowns as we are in the centre of town, however if you are planning to try on gowns an appointment is the best way to get the most out of your visit and makes sure that your experience is one to remember. Our expert stylists will get in touch before the appointment to answer any questions or worries that you may have and also to get to know you a bit better and find out your vision for your wedding day. That way your appointment time is full of the fun part of trying on gorgeous gowns, getting expert advice and finding that perfect dress is then easy! Trust us!

You can book an appointment directly online via our website, through our Facebook booking link or link in our Instagram bio. You can also call us in store or chat to us over email, Facebook or direct message on Instagram.

So, what happens at the appointment…?

Firstly, you can expect to have a tonne of FUN! We love our jobs and know what a privileged position we are in to be able to share in one of the most memorable life moments a bride can have. The story of how your found your dress will be one that you’ll tell over and over for years to come so we make sure that you have the BEST story to tell!

When you come into the store you’ll be greeted by your personal bridal stylist who will be there for you and your bridal party, advising and styling you for the duration of your appointment. You’ll be taken to one of our luxury fitting areas so you and your guests can get comfortable. We love to make sure that everyone in your party are well looked after so you’ll get the chance to have some refreshments and if you’ve upgraded to one of our VIP appointments you’ll get to snap that perfect boomerang of clinking champagne glasses before you start trying on dresses.

You can expect to try on around 8 dresses during your appointment however this varies depending on what stage of dress shopping you are at. We narrow down styles, silhouettes and detail until we find the perfect one that gives you all the feels, then style you up – which is usually when the tears from the bridal party come! – then you get that big moment to say ‘YES’ to your perfect dress!

You have lots of photo opportunities for you and your bridal party to capture  the most perfect experience. We don’t settle for less – it’s too important.

Can you tell us more about your staff…?

We are more like a family than a team which I think is what makes us work so well together and make our brides feel instantly comfortable when they walk through the door. We have us (Laura & Lynsay) the #bijouxbossbabes as well as 4 amazing bridal stylists, a marketing and social media guru and a hot shot administrator… so 8 amazing ladies who inspire every day!

Tell us more about the store itself…

Every day I walk into our store I fall in love all over again. We have worked so hard on the design to make sure that although we have a large spacious store, that it still feels intimate and private. We have a gorgeous viewing showroom which is flooded with natural light from large bright windows, loads of gorgeous flowers and of course 200 of the most gorgeous dresses ever! I think however my favourite part of the store is the fitting areas, this is the place where memories are made and happiness, laughter and tears (happy ones of course) are shared every day. It’s a happy, positive, pretty place to work in everyday and it’s not everyone that can say that so I feel very lucky!

Can you give us any indication of what sort of gowns can we expect to find in store and what sort of gowns are popular?

You can expect to find around 200 gowns on our main floor and 300 gowns in our outlet department. We have 5 top bridal designers with all very different styles. We have plenty of gowns in each silhouette, style, fabric, detail, neckline and size. There is honestly something for every bride. We stock samples from sizes 10-24 in store in various silhouettes so you will always have the opportunity to try on plenty of styles at your appointment. My favourite thing about the current bridal climate is that brides are not afraid to think outside the box. This generation of brides are brave and not afraid to stand up for their individual personal style and go for a dress that perfectly reflects them and their personality and style. This is the one dress that you can pick for yourself that when you look back on you will know that it reflected YOU and not what you thought you should choose! What we are seeing is a wide range of ‘bestsellers’ instead of the obvious front runners that we would see in years past.

Why do you love working in bridal?

My favourite thing about working in bridal is seeing a bride when she looks at herself in the mirror and you just know she feels amazing. As women we are very hard on ourselves and on a day-to -day basis we are very self-critical and find it difficult to not compare ourselves to others in this generation with social media. It’s a rare thing to see and be part of that moment when you know you have helped someone fall in love with themselves. I love working in an environment where you can have a positive influence on someone’s day.

So, when I’ve found ‘the one’, how long will it take me to get my gown?

You can expect to receive your gown around 3-4 months prior to your wedding. We work it this way so that you don’t have to worry about taking your gown home. We know a lot of our brides have pets or kids, no storage space and don’t want their husband-to-be to see the dress. This way you have lots of time to try on your gown before your alterations start around 6 weeks before your wedding date.

We think it’s important that the vision you had when you chose your dress is the one that you get at the end of the process. Therefore, we do alterations and customisation here with you in-store, and follow you on you wedding journey.

Is there anything else I should know?

Three out of four of brides that come to visit us find their gown that day. That moment is one to be treasured and while you will always love your dress, that first moment you fall in love won’t be recreated, just like when you fall in love with the love of your life! So, you should definitely make sure that when you plan to come that you have all the important people with you that you want to be part of that experience.

And finally do your research! Make sure you go to stores that have the designers you love pinning on your Pinterest board, look at their Instagram and Facebook pages and see if you’re on the same wavelength. See if that shop is somewhere you would be excited and proud to say you got your dress from. Look at their customer reviews on Google and their website. Are they experts? Are they going to help you to have the confidence to say Yes to your dress. If you do all this before choosing where to shop then it will come as no surprise when you find the one.

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